Haskins Garden Centres

Ewan’s Design Wins Pizza Prize

Ewan Flowers, 11 from Bury near Arundel was announced winner of the design a pizza competition held at the Haskins Roundstone Garden Centre near Worthing.  His design entitled “The Real Italian Job” was chosen from entries from youngsters across the region.

Ewan, who attends Rydon Community College, had never entered a competition so he was delighted to have success at the first attempt with his pizza containing ingredients including Italian bacon, mini olives, mascarpone cheese and caramelised onions and wild rocket leaves.

Haskins restaurant manager Jason Froggatt and chefs David Whiteside and Marcin Schmidt invited Ewan, family and friends to the centre so they could sample the new Pizza, after Ewan was trained how to professionally work the dough into a thin base and use the ingredients to complete the creation.

Jason said: “We think that Ewan’s design has the potential to appeal to customers as much as our new pizzas now available.  Whether it could become a top seller like the Margherita, Garden vegetables with roasted mushrooms, and the current customer favourites Spicy Meat ball and BBQ roasted chicken, its hard to tell!”

Since the introduction of a new Pizza menu in April, sales from the Pizza Oven have increased by 20% The company has been enhancing the popular range offered across its centres with outside specialists assisting with the planning for the menu.

Pictured above: (from left) Straight from the oven. Head Chef David Whiteside, Ewan Flowers, Marcin Schmidt and Jason Froggatt.