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Make your own Indoor Ribbon Bow Wreath

The team at Haskins has launched a unique idea for indoor Christmas wreaths which can be created at home.

1. Fluff out the branches of your wreath then cut equal lengths of different width ribbons to make bows.


2. Layer the ribbons and make multi loop long tailed bows, securing in the centre with wire.


3. Cut the loops on some of the narrow ribbons to form extra ‘tails.’


4. Make larger bows with a feature wired edge ribbon and wire in place.


5. Place all the bows in position and wire them to the branches of your wreath.


6. Make a few tassels with narrow ribbon and fix them amongst the bows.


7. Hang so the longer lengths of ribbon trail over the edge.

Haskins has also released tutorials on making Christmas wreaths with a contemporary theme and with a woodland theme.

Visit the Haskins YouTube channel to view now.