Haskins Garden Centres

National Plants at Work Week

Haskins Plants Manager Mark Smith with Eljays44 office manager Lewis Dan at the Rustington Pop up office.

The Haskins Garden Centre at Roundstone assisted horticultural magazine publishers Eljays44 Ltd to create a pop up office display of plants ideal for office environments in Rustington as part ofΒ  National Plants at Work Week.

The Eljays44 pop-up office displayed a range of difference office plants and provided a leaflet to take away so that visitors could find out how easy it is to care for indoor plants and what benefits they provide. NPWW has promoted 7 key reasons why we should surround ourselves with plants at work and school.

1. They are good for our general well-being
2. They reduce the time we take sick
3. Plants clean the air we breathe – and refresh it with oxygen for us to breathe
4. They help to keep us stress free
5. Surprisingly plants make us more productive by as much as 12% – 38% …
6. … and more creative almost half as much again
7. Plants help to fulfil our need for nature (the biophilia concept recognised by Richard Louv)

The recommendations are well backed up by research from around the world indicating just how reliant we are on plants for so much that we take for granted.

Which business doesn’t want to maximise productivity and reduce time taken off sick? Not to mention reducing any pollution in the air. It is a well-known fact that many people spend more time indoors than outdoors (roughly 90% indoors) and that air pollution indoors can be 100 times more polluted than outdoor air according to the Environment Protection Agency. Statistics also suggest that polluted air can cause premature deaths, according to the World Health Organisation.