Haskins Garden Centres

Owl and Parrot Plight Explained At Garden Centre

(from left) Mike Savage and Boo the Eagle Owl and Haskin’s Peter Callaway holding Gizmo the Scops owl.

The southern branch of the Soft Landings Animal Aid Association met visitors at the Haskins Garden Centre at West End to campaign against cruelty against Parrots and Owls kept as pets.  Mike Savage and his team from the charity allowed some of the rescued birds, including Gizmo, a White Faced Scops Owl and Boo the 10 month Eagle Owl to enjoy the sun outside the centre to help introduce the importance of knowing how to care for birds that need special care and attention.

“People who buy these fantastic creatures based on what they see in the films such as Harry Potter soon realise that an owl is not the most appropriate pet to keep for many reasons.  Parrots are also mistreated as people just don’t seek proper advice on how to care for them.  We hope that people will support our campaign by visiting our website and that other organisations like Haskins will let us meet the public in our bid to get this important message across and offer advice to the public.”

For more information visit www.softlanding.org.uk