Haskins Garden Centres

Poppies for Peace and Reflection garden

This March, Haskins had the pleasure of helping local girls school, Avonbourne College.

Kathryn Loughnan, the Director of Enterprise at the college, contacted Haskins about a national Young Enterprise competition that the school enters every year, where the Year 9 and 10 students are challenged to start a business with only ten pounds.

The college have been winners for several years because their students focus on creating a social enterprise based upon benefiting others. This year, the students chose a theme to promote peace and reflection by creating a Giant Poppy Garden and a set of gift cards.

To help their garden promote their gift cards, Haskins Garden Centres donated fifty packets of Flanders poppy seeds, which will be planted and maintained by Year 8 students.

On receiving their donation, Kathryn said that the β€œstudents at Avonbourne College are delighted to receive support from Haskins with the Giant Poppy Garden project, which will provide an outdoor resource area for students to be reflective in their learning approach. They are eager to plant the 50,000 Flanders Poppy Seeds to create a stunning display and are extremely grateful that their work has been recognised by a business partner, such as Haskins.”

The competition entry has also attracted support from Kew Gardens, the British Legion and a social housing company, Radian Homes.

Haskins wishes them the best success and looks forward to seeing the garden in bloom later this year.

Pictured above: Students from Avonbourne College accept our Poppy seed donation for their Peace and Reflection garden.