Haskins Garden Centres

Posh Boxes For Boozy Birds

(from left) Julian Winfield and Haskins Operations Manager Dean Ridley with a Bird Box Pub.

A bird box need no longer to be just a practical home for visitors to the garden. The Haskins Garden Centres have introduced some posh pads, including a pub bird box, for feathered friends who are looking for somewhere different to bring up their brood this spring.

The boxes, which range from Telephone Box, School House, Post Box, Log Cabins to a Boat House, are designed in North America.

Julian Winfield, Chef Executive at Haskins, said that the new bird box range is part of their product expansion for the season: “Not that we would encourage birds to drink and fly! Our team of buyers are not only focusing on the traditional range but also more interesting and sometimes flamboyant product that will add joy and focus to the garden.”