Haskins Garden Centres

Top 10 Plants For Bee Friendly Gardeners

Dean Ridley with the Top 10 of Bee Friendly plants.

Gardeners who want to encourage Honey Bees and help local beehives thrive can now choose the best plants known to attract the important insects to their garden.   All of the Haskins Garden Centres have introduced the “B list” of the top 10 plants complete with photos of each plant.

Dean Ridley, Operations Manager at Haskins, says that he hopes that the simple list will help gardeners fight against the decline of bees noted by scientists over the last few years, thought to be due to the use of pesticides and climate changes.

“Everyone can play their part to help the bee population.  Garden plants are boosted by honey bees that are a vital link in the local ecosystem. Plants such as Dahlia and Geraniums and Buddleia Davidii are listed within a wide choice in our top ten and displayed together to make them easy to find.”