Haskins Garden Centres

Work Experience Leads To Job Offer For Nicole

Having completed a week of work experience at the Haskins Snowhill Garden Centre near East Grinstead, Nicole Milton an 11 year student from Warlingham Secondary School, has been offered temporary or full time employment by the business.

David Lilly, General Manager at the centre, said that reports from supervisors and managers in every department she spent time in, reported that Nicole was eager to learn and worked well within the team.

“There was so much great feedback that we would welcome her back, even if its temporary work during holidays,” said David. “Her confident helpful attitude was also appreciated by customers.”

Nicole, 15 from Caterham, said that she enjoyed working in the extensive outdoor plants area and had learned a lot about people and plants during her week with Haskins.

Pictured above:  (from left) David Lilly presents Nicole Milton her certificate of training.