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Haskins West End nominated charity


The Silk Bow Foundation has been created to help people at a difficult time in their lives. They operate in the SO postcode and focus on those little things that make life challenging.

If your neighbour has difficulty to get out for shopping, or a colleague cannot pay for a simple MOT, they will step in. They have offers from handymen, plumbers, electricians and gardeners who will donate their time and the Silk Bow Foundation will supply funds.

Their trustees will be alerted to potential situations and make an educated decision as to how the Silk Bow Foundation may help.

Silk Bow Events donate to the Foundation from every event that they are involved in. Their latest fundraiser is Story Time at Haskins Garden Centre, West End which takes place on every 2nd Tuesday of the month from 10:30 am to 11:30 am with guest storytellers from business and industry.

Their first Story Time took place on Tuesday 13th March 2018 with The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child – read by Sports Presenter, Michael Kurn. There was even a visit from The Gruffalo.


Last year’s success…
we raised £2,563


The West End Haskins Garden Centre team and customers, through their charity wishing well, events and competitions, raised £2,563 for their 2017 charity of the year, Countess Mountbatten.