Canine Partners assist people with disabilities to enjoy a greater independence and a better quality of life and, where possible, to help them into education and employment, through the provision of specially trained dogs for the disabled, whose well-being is a key consideration.

More than 1.2 million people in the UK use a wheelchair, and a significant number of those would benefit from a canine partner.  Canine Partners tailor make their dogs to each applicant’s individual needs, training them to help with everyday tasks such as opening and shutting doors, unloading the washing machine, picking up dropped items, pressing buttons and switches and getting help in an emergency.

Last year’s success…
we raised £3,893.50

The Roundstone Haskins Garden Centre team and customers, through their charity wishing well, events and competitions, raised £3,893.50 for their 2015 charity of the year, Canine Partners.