Christmas tree care

‘Tis the season to be merry! Along with festive food and goodwill, a dressed tree is an essential feature of Christmas.

Whether you prefer artificial or real, a Christmas tree is the centrepiece of the season. For some, a tree goes up during the transition into December and for others, it’s nearer the holidays. However long you display your tree, a little care and attention will undoubtedly help its performance over the coming weeks.

For those who enjoy a natural tree, there’s something special about the scent of its fresh needles – it truly is something to savour. Nowadays, you will find that the types of cut tree available will retain their needles a lot longer than the traditional Norway Spruce of old. When choosing your tree, look out for Nordmann Fir or Noble Fir as these have the best needle retention.

Buying a real tree is an investment, so why not take the right steps to look after it? Here are three simple tips to help your tree look its best throughout this demanding season.


1.  Choose for the space you have

When it comes to shape, everyone has a personal preference. Some like trees to be narrow all the way up, others prefer them thick and bushy. Whatever your preference, the secret to a great looking tree is to choose one that is in proportion to its intended location.


Large trees are best for rooms with tall ceilings or as focal points in open hallways, whereas medium and small trees are ideal for the average sized living room. Be sure to not overlook oddly shaped trees as they might lend themselves perfectly to a particular part of your house. For example, a tree with a flat side is perfect for positioning against a wall whilst a tree with a wide base will suit a corner.


2.  Store it well

If you’re like me then you probably can’t wait to get your tree up and decorated. Sometimes though, this isn’t possible. The best way to store your tree before you bring it indoors is to remove the net and keep it in a cool, dry, wind sheltered spot, preferably in a bucket of water.


During the purchase of a tree, Haskins offers the service of sawing an inch off the end of its trunk. This is because the original field cut will have sealed over with resin and making a fresh cut will prepare the tree so it can drink again. You will need to get your tree into a bucket of water within a couple of hours, or the resin will seep out and reseal the end again.


3.  Make it last

Christmas trees can drink up to 2-3 pints of water per day, especially in a warm room. If you can, place your tree in a water-holding stand as this will reduce the task of watering to just topping up – a much easier job, by far. Keeping the tree away from direct heat sources, such as fires or hot radiators, will also prolong its life.


Choosing the right size tree and keeping it watered will ensure its longevity. The only problem you have now are your pets eyeing it up, waiting for the moment to destroy all your hard work but that’s a whole different story…

Enjoy your holidays!


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