Social & environmental


At Haskins we strive to be socially and environmentally responsible. We are continually working towards further reducing wastage, increasing energy & water efficiency, sourcing ethically and supporting our local communities.


We sell locally grown plants

  • Most of our plants are British grown. We try to source from local UK nurseries, within 60 miles, many much closer.
  • Where possible, Haskins tries to support local suppliers as well as small businesses in the Garden Centres and Restaurants.
  • We promote wildlife friendly plants, hedging and plants to attract birds, bees & butterflies.


We promote organic & environmentally friendly products

  • We offer organic alternatives in all categories of chemicals & fertilisers where they are available and where we are confident that they produce good results.
  • We promote mulching, composting, water conservation and other sustainable gardening methods.
  • We also offer natural forms of pest control to help you manage your garden responsibly.


Our timber is sustainably harvested

  • Our garden furniture is sourced from UK based suppliers with proof that wooden products have been legally and sustainably harvested, most are FSC certified or from reputable companies who support sustainable planting.


We serve quality local food in our Restaurants

  • We aim to provide locally sourced & healthy eating choices in all our Restaurants
  • We only use British beef and sustainably sourced fish.
  • We offer a range of Gluten Free items on our menus
  • Glass bottles are recycled and used oil is also collected for recycling.
  • We use a heat regeneration system in our dishwashers.


We support our people

  • It is the Company’s policy to treat all employees, customers & suppliers fairly & equally. Through our policies & procedures and the training & development of our Managers and staff we strive to promote good practice in this area in order to eliminate discrimination & harassment as far as reasonably possible.
  • We are an equal opportunities employer achieving the standard of Investors in People.
  • We support personal training and development initiatives, offered in association with our trade associations, enhancing the skills, knowledge & experience of our staff
  • We are committed to meeting the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). We have integrated the principles of accessibility into the design, construction and operation of our centres and continually strive to improve access and respond to customer feedback.


We are working towards being peat free!

  • We support the move to reducing peat in compost in order to save the peat bog habitats, by promoting organic and peat free alternatives.
  • We no longer stock moss peat & are working with our suppliers to reduce peat use completely within, or before the DEFRA timeframe.


We are increasingly recycling

  • We have a scheme for recycling paper, cardboard, metal, plastic bottles, shrink wrap and other clear plastics.
  • Our plastic bags are degradable and we also offer reusable carrier bags and cardboard boxes.
  • Outside each of our centres we have containers where customers can recycle their plastic pots and bedding plant trays.
  • We are in discussions with our suppliers to look for alternatives to plastic plant pots for container grown plants.
  • Used electrical items are recycled in accordance with WEEE.
  • Print cartridges are recycled and envelopes are reused for internal use.


We are designing & running our Garden Centres with a more sustainable edge

  • Conserving water and energy in our Garden Centres are important initiatives in our business for both environmental and economic reasons.
  • We monitor and manage water use in our centres through our new metering system.
  • Three centres have new computerised heating control systems to maximise energy efficiency & reduce usage.
  • Two of our centres use a new energy efficient heat recovery system.
  • Our Roundstone Garden Centre has a bore hole, used to water all of their plants. They also have an energy efficiency lighting system.
  • We use the most efficient lighting available


We support our local community

  • We are active supporters of our local communities. Each of our centres supports chosen charities, raising funds through charity events & a wishing well appeal.

Green Gardening


Supporting a Sustainable Future

Haskins embraced the government legislation on single-use carrier bags in October 2015.

All our carrier bags are made with recycled material and are themselves, 100% recyclable. Whilst we encourage our customers to re-use their own bags, we also offer free boot liners, boxes and plant trays to take your purchases home.

We are also introducing a new, colourful ‘Bag for Life’ as an alternative to single-use bags.


Use of Proceeds

To strengthen our links to local communities, all monies from the sale of our carrier bags are donated to the Haskins local Wishing Well Charities.


How you can help

  • Re-use your bags next time
  • Trolley your shopping to your car
  • Re-use a plant tray