Haskins Garden Centres’ Allergen Policy


Last updated: 18.12.2018


We are committed to providing accurate information to help our customers make informed choices about the food and drink we offer. We also ensure that every member of restaurant staff completes a food allergy awareness course every 6 months so they have an understanding of the 14 recognised allergens.

Whilst we ask our Restaurant Management team to help, the final decision will always be that of the customer.

Our allergen process

We ask that all customers with a food or drink allergy talk with our team before making a purchase. They will then be guided through our allergen process:


Even though we produce our food in our own kitchens, we cannot guarantee that all dishes are allergen free. Please check on every visit as we may occasionally need to change our recipes.

The details of our allergen process can be downloaded here.


Pre-packed food & drink

Bottled drinks, crisps, snacks, etc., that are pre-packed and produced off site will have the allergy information provided on the label.


Open food and drink

The majority of our open food and drink is made in our restaurant. The allergen information for all of these products is provided by our Restaurant Management. Please speak to them every time you visit as ingredients in our recipes regularly change. The Restaurant Management team can also advise you on the preparation methods used to create our food products within our kitchens.

Due to our open kitchens & serveries, the chance of cross contamination between our products is high. Our set up may not be suitable for those with severe allergies.