Haskins Gender Pay Gap Reporting


Last updated: 05/03/24

This report sets out the Gender Pay Gap reporting as required by The Equality Act 2010.

It is important to note that the Gender Pay Gap is different from equal pay. Equal pay refers to men and women receiving equal pay for the same jobs or similar jobs of equal value.

The Gender Pay Gap shows the difference between the average hourly earnings of men and women across a company regardless of their roles. The outcomes can be affected by a range of factors including ratio of men to women in the workforce and the number of full time versus part time men and women.

Introduction to Haskins

Haskins is a family owned group of 5 garden centres and a visitor attraction called Birdworld, all based in the south of England. Garden Style was closed in September 2023 but due to the snapshot date for Gender Pay Gap, the employees from Garden Style are included.

The Haskins culture positively encourages diversity within the business and believes in creating job opportunities and job progression for everyone regardless of gender.

  • On the 5th April 2023, we employed 770 employees with a split of 64% females and 36% males.
    • On the Haskins Group Ltd Board there were 4 members and none were female
    • On the Haskins Garden Centres Ltd Board there were 7 members and none were female
    • On the Birdworld Ltd Board there were 6 members and 0 were female.
  • Our senior team in Group Office, excluding Board Directors totalled 5, 40% were female
  • The garden centres and visitor attraction management teams totalled 72, 50% were females.

Our calculations are from data taken on 5th April 2023 and are considered to be accurate. These are as follows:

Mean Gender Pay Gap = 20.6%
Median Gender Pay Gap = 0%

Pay quartile MaleFemale
Upper quartile51.0%49.0%
Upper middle quartile35.3%64.7%
Lower middle quartile34.0%66.0%
Lower quartile32.7%67.3%

Mean Bonus Gap = 99.5%
Median Bonus Gap = 33.3%
Proportion of male employees who received a bonus = 3.6%
Proportion of female employees who received a bonus = 4.1%

Next steps

We are satisfied that with our current practices, we are fair and equitable in regards to pay and opportunities for progression. We are committed to selecting the right person for the job through a fair and balanced recruitment process.

We will continue to ensure that merit alone determines who our future leaders are and we continue to embed our personal development and performance management program into the culture of our business and to support individuals to achieve their potential and career aspirations.


Julian Winfield
Chief Executive
Haskins Garden Centre

We confirm that the data reported is accurate in accordance with the Equality Act 2020 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.  Haskins Garden Centres Ltd is required to carry out Gender Pay Gap reporting.

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