Evergreen Azaleas

Offering vibrant spring colour, there’s an Evergreen Azalea for every occasion.


Often seen in Oriental cities, Evergreen Azaleas are versatile plants that can brighten up any part of your garden.

Producing an abundance of colour from April to May, these plants are the smaller cousins of Rhododendrons. As such, they thrive in acidic, or ericaceous, soils. By using Ericaceous composts, these plants can also be enjoyed in pots and planters in any part of your garden.

Ideal for a lightly shaded area or woodland garden, their flower’s colour palette is dominant in pinks, reds and purples, although white, orange and yellow are now becoming popular.

Some species have interesting foliage, but all types can be shaped and clipped to your preference. There’s nothing quite like seeing the riot of colour clipped into domes when visiting a Japanese style garden.

Container grown plants will need feeding, but only when in growth. A fortnightly dose of high-potash liquid fertiliser between March and August will foster flower production. They'll also benefit from a spring feed containing sequestered iron, which is designed to promote healthy foliage

  • Low maintenance plants
  • Thrive in humus rich acid soils (ericaceous)
  • Prefers a lightly shaded position
  • Trim to shape after flowering
  • Feed with an ericaceous fertiliser in spring
  • Mulch and water in the summer



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