Also known as ‘Wallflowers’, Erysimums have narrow leaves with dense, colourful flower spikes of fragrant flowers.


Erysimums, or ‘Wallflowers’, can be annuals, biennials or woody-based perennials. Our favourite for this month are the perennial types with their long lasting flowers in shades of mauve, apricot, yellow and red.

Growth is best in a sunny spot with good drainage. They are often grown successfully in loose wall mortar, hence the vernacular name, ‘wallflower’.

The flowers, appearing in spring, usually have a strong fragrance and are often associated in spring bedding schemes with tulips and forget-me-nots.

  • Prefers a sunny spot with a well-drained soil
  • Trim lightly after flowering to prevent plants becoming leggy
  • Good for attracting a wide range of beneficial insects



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