A traditional favourite, summer Geraniums provide long lasting colour to lift any border or patio.


The bright, vivid colours of summer geraniums are always a popular choice for gardeners. An essential addition to sunny mixed borders or pots they thrive in free draining soils and are very drought tolerant. Upright and bushy, these succulent-stemmed plants are grown as annuals in the UK but in their native habitat of South Africa, they flourish as perennials.

To ensure a colourful display all summer long, frequently dead-head old flowers and use a potassium rich fertiliser, such as Tomato feed.

Watering should be undertaken in the first half of the day to allow them to dry out a little before the evening sets in. Preferring good ventilation, Geraniums are sensitive to humidity and a wet compost overnight increases the chances of unwanted mildews.

Geraniums have very architectural flowers and look great on their own as a statement piece. They also go well with other sun-loving plants such as Huechera or Nasturtium.

  • Prefers a hot, sunny position in a free draining soil
  • Excellent for pots and sunny boarders
  • Regular dead heading and a tomato feed ensures a long display
  • Water earlier in the day



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