Haskins Forest Lodge nominated charity


Dogs for Autism train and provide assistance dogs, at no charge, to autistic individuals of any age who will significantly benefit from such a partnership. The dogs can enable their people to more easily access the world around them and to expand their horizons.

Dogs for Autism's mission is to have a positive impact on the lives of autistic individuals and their families. Their overall aim is to empower autistic people to realise their individual potential, improve their access to their chosen communities, and to enhance their emotional and physical wellbeing.

Through the provision of their assistance dogs, trained to mitigate some of the disabling impacts of autism and the environment, they are committed to creating and maintaining successful client-dog partnerships that impact positively on the lives of autistic individuals and families.


In 2023 we raised £4,221 for Dogs for Autism!

The Haskins Forest Lodge Garden Centre team and customers, through their charity wishing well, events and competitions, raised £4,221.93 for their 2023 charity of the year.