Offering a profusion of small, colourful flowers all summer long, Nemesia are ideal for brightening up patios, borders and rock gardens.


Nemesia are a versatile bedding plant for the gardener. They can be used as edging plants, ground covers, in mixed borders, woodland plantings and as container or hanging basket plants. Most varieties grow to about a foot in height but there are some that get as tall as two feet. They also offer a wide range of flower colours, including bi-colours and the new soft pastel shades.

When growing these plants, choose a moisture retentive compost that’s rich in organic matter but free-draining. The addition of grit to a multi-purpose will work well. Be careful with moisture levels as too much water can lead to stem rot.

Nemesia will grow best when temperatures are cool. Preferring full sun with some afternoon shade, they will bloom from late spring until the first frosts.

Once established, these plants need little care except for watering to keep the soil moist. If the plants stop blooming, cut them back by a third to bring them back into flower.

  • Low maintenance plants
  • Thrive in humus rich free draining soil
  • Prefers full sun with some afternoon shade
  • Don’t overwater
  • After blooms finish, cut back by a third to get second flush





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