Spring Lawn Care


With spring fully underway, now is a great time to re-vitalise your lawn.

Nowadays, lawns have become a valuable multi-purpose space, offering an extension of our living area, whether that be for utility, entertainment or ornamental purposes.

With so many demands placed upon them, lawns need a little care and attention to help them stay looking good. Spring is a great time to catch up on lawn preparations, if you missed the chance in autumn, by removing weeds, spiking and controlling moss with lawn sand.

To help you along, here is a checklist to navigate the essentials:

• Keep the lawn at a good length during the growing season through regular mowing. Try not to scalp the lawn as this weakens the grass.

• Ensure the lawn is well fed by using a lawn feed in the spring. Avoid high doses of nitrogen fertiliser in late summer or autumn, opting for a formulated autumn lawn feed instead.

• Improve drainage by forking the lawn or better still, use a solid-tine or hollow-tine aerator in autumn.

• If your lawn feels ‘springy’ then it’s time to scarify. Use a spring-tine rake in autumn to remove thatch, moss and any other dead material.

• Wherever possible, water your lawn through extended dry spells, preferably with collected rain water.

• Disposing of grass clippings will reduce thatch build up and help keep the lawn healthy. Mix clippings with lots of shredded paper, leaves or straw in your compost heap.


This is also an ideal time to make lawn repairs – loosen the soil in the area to be repaired and apply your seed or turf.  If you are applying seed, sow a wider area to help blend the colour of the new seed into your lawn. Water in and protect from birds and pets until established, then apply a feed from mid-April into late May.

Hopefully, you would have had a chance to inspect or service your mower between the spring showers. The first cut should always be slightly higher than normal with subsequent cuts reduced in height over the following weeks.

By following our advice, your lawn should become ready to perform its duties over the summer months, with the added benefit of getting you outdoors and reconnecting with nature.

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