Ideal as a feature piece for your desk or coffee table, succulents are a great way to green up your living space, especially if you don't have access to a garden.


Available in a variety of shapes, succulents can make a bold statement in any bright room. We love the fact that they have low maintenance needs, making them an easy houseplant option.

Our favourites are the flat rosettes of Echeveria and the upright architectural forms of Aloe vera, which incidentally, makes an ideal plant to improve air quality.

Like cacti, succulents prefer an open, free draining compost. Premixed cacti-compost is ideal and readily available, else mix John Innes No2 with 30% extra grit or fine gravel by volume.

Allow their compost to dry out between watering as they don’t like being soggy and feed in the spring and summer with a formulated cacti feed as they need less nitrogen than foliage plants.

  • Grow in a bright, sunny room
  • Water little and often and allow to drain before repositioning
  • Don’t let these plants sit in water else they won’t be happy
  • Occasionally apply a cacti feed as a tonic
  • Rarely needs repotting

‘Made easy’ guides

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More information

For more information on succulents that are suitable for your home, refer to our handy leaflet here.