The Story of the Christmas Elves

These special Elves have been sent from the North Pole to help Father Christmas keep a watchful eye over children during the Advent period, to make sure they belong on the ‘nice’ list.

Once you adopt an Elf and give it a name its Christmas magic is unleashed… The story goes that the Elf will come alive at night and fly off back to the North Pole to update Father Christmas on the days events, returning by the morning ready to watch over the children for another day.

However, the Elves do like to get up to a bit of mischief along the way! Each morning Children can delight in finding out what mischief the Elf has been up to while no one is looking.

See what mischeif our Haskins Elf has been up to

With the busy run up to Christmas at Haskins we’ve adopted our Elf a little earlier, to help out around the Garden Centre and make sure our staff and customers stay on the ‘nice’ list!
Here’s what our Haskins Elf has been up to so far…