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Created: 05.04.2018

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It’s important to note that the gender pay gap is different from equal pay. Equal pay is about men and women receiving equal pay for the same jobs or similar jobs of equal value (The Equality Act 2010)

The gender pay gap shows the difference between the average hourly earnings of men and women across a company regardless of their roles. The outcomes can be affected by a range of factors including the ratio of men to women in the workforce and the number of full time Vs part time men and women.

Introduction to Haskins

Haskins is a family owned garden centre group with four sites in the South of England. The Haskins culture positively encourages diversity within the business and believes in creating job opportunities and job progression for everyone regardless of gender. We ensure all employees have the same access to training should they wish to develop their career.

We employ circa 600 staff 41% male and 59% female.  To enable us to run the business effectively 7 days per week we have both full and part-time opportunities for employment.

We have 5 Board directors – 40% female*

Our senior team in head office totals 7 – 43% female*

Garden Centre management teams totals 33 – 36% female

*At the snapshot date

Report for the snapshot date of 5th April 2017

Mean gender pay gap15.3%UK Average 18.4%
Median gender pay gap0.0%
Mean bonus gender pay gap23.8%
Median bonus gender pay gap0.0%
Proportion of male employees who receive bonus4.2%
Proportion of female employees who receive bonus3.2%

Pay quartiles by gender

Pay quartile MaleFemale
Lower quartile37.7%62.3%
Lower middle quartile44.1%55.9%
Upper middle quartile35.2%64.8%
Upper quartile47.6%52.4%


Next Steps

We are satisfied that our current practices ensure that we are fair and equitable in regards to pay and opportunities to progress. However, we will not become complacent and will continue to follow and where necessary enhance these practices.


Recruitment, we will

Ensure that we continue to select the right person for the job through a fair and balanced process.


Development opportunities, we will

Ensure that merit alone determines who our future leaders are.

Continue to embed our personal development and performance management program into the culture of our business to support individuals to achieve their potential and career aspirations.

Ensure that all employees have the same access to training and development opportunities.


Workforce diversity, we will

Monitor diversity data to identify areas of potential concern and develop actions to address these.

Develop policies to help remove barriers that employees with family commitments sometimes face in advancing their careers.

Explore the opportunity to encourage more females into our senior roles by reviewing the need for them to be in full time positions.


Julian Winfield
Chief Executive
Haskins Garden Centre

We confirm that the data reported is accurate in accordance with the Equality Act 2020 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.  Haskins Garden Centres Ltd is required to carry our Gender Pay Gap reporting.