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Grow your own soft fruit

Raspberry Fruiting

Raspberries are ideal for pies, jam or eating fresh. They require free-draining soil and do not like wet soils.


Glen LyonGreat for cooking, disease resistantJune - July
Glen MagnaSuperb eaten fresh, disease resistantJuly
Glen ProsenHigh yields, pest and disease resistantJuly
Glen AmpleHigh yields, strong flavourJuly - August
OctaviaSweet flavour, large and juicy berriesJuly - August
Cascade DelightGood for wetter soils, prolificAugust
Autumn BlissFirm texture, good flavourAugust - October

Blackberry and Hybrid Berry Fruiting

Blackberries and Hybrid Berries are great for cooking, making jam or eating fresh. Modern varieties are thorn-free too!


Black ButteHeavy cropper with large fruitsMid July
LoganberryGood for cooking or eating, thornlessMid July
BoysenberryHybrid with sweet dark fruits, heavy cropperLate July
TayberryHeavy cropper, dark juicy fruits, cold tolerantLate July
Black SatinThornless, heavy cropper, reliableEarly August
Lock NessCompact variety, large fruits, thornlessLate August
Oregon ThornlessGood flavour, self-fertile, thornlessLate August

Blackcurrant Fruiting

Blackcurrants have intense flavour and are perfect for cooking, baking and making jam. They also freeze well!


Big BenLargest fruit, very high yields, sweet flavour, disease resistanceLate June
Ben ConnanHigh yields of large fruits on a compact bush, disease resistantMid July
Ben SarekIdeal for the smaller garden, heavy cropper, good for colder sitesMid July
Ben ConnanHigh yields of large fruits on a compact bush, disease resistantMid July
BaldwinHeritage variety, compact, tart fruit have excellent flavourLate July
Ben LomondLate flowering, large sweet berries, heavy cropping, disease resistantAugust
Ben AlderLate flowering, late cropping, high yields and the best for juicingEarly August
Ben TirranRich tart flavour is great for cooking, freezes well, heavy cropperAugust

Strawberry Fruiting

Eaten fresh or in deserts, strawberries are easy to grow and the perfect summer fruit.


HoneoyeHigh yields with a sweet and juicy fruit. Perfect for jam making, as a desert or for freezing.Early Season
KoronaVery large fruits with great flavour. Very adaptable to all conditions.Early Season
RominaSweet and juicy with high nutritional value. Good disease resistance.Early Season
Cambridge FavouriteGreat for container growing, high yields, disease resistance and jam making.Mid Season
ElsantaLong cropping period with reliable fruit, good flavour.Mid Season
HapilVery large fruits, high yields, great commercial variety, good in a dry summer.Mid Season
Red GauntletHigh yields of large fruit, with a second crop in autumn. Good for growing under cloches/tunnels.Mid Season
SonataGood commercial variety with large, uniform, sweet fruits.Mid Season
SweetheartGreat in containers or in the ground, fast growing, high nutritional value and sweet flavour.Mid Season
PegasusHigh yields and flavour with good pest and disease resistance. Better for heavy soils.Late Summer