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January garden advice and maintenance


General gardening

  • Repair or replace patchy lawn and re-shape edges
  • Check any stored tubers of Dahlia, Begonia and Canna for rot or drying out
  • Currants and gooseberries can be pruned now
  • Start forcing rhubarb
  • Plan vegetable crop rotations for the coming season. Select the varieties you intend to grow during the year and buy the seeds
  • Tidy beds and borders, mulch with well rotted manure, compost or bark and apply a slow release fertiliser e.g. bone meal
  • To prevent branches snapping remove snow from evergreen trees and shrubs
  • Avoid walking on your lawn when it is frosty, as this will cause damage

In the greenhouse

  • Ventilate the greenhouse on warm days
  • Do not over water your plants, water only when the compost is dry

Wildlife gardening

  • Put out bird food on the ground, bird tables and in hanging bird feeders
  • Keep the bird bath topped up and make sure it is not frozen
  • Make sure a wildlife pond does not freeze over by placing a float on the surface
  • Plant berrying deciduous trees - a mixture of native and non-natives works well
  • Put out food for hedgehogs - not bread and milk! Dog food is best but not chicken varieties.
  • Make a log and/or rock pile to create areas of shelter for wildlife
  • Prepare for Spring by Sowing or planting wild flowers