Get your garden ready now for a display of spring colour with Haskins Garden Centres

Haskins is encouraging gardeners to plan ahead for next year and has created a bulb planter guide to add a burst of colour after the dull autumn and winter months.

Alasdair Urquhart, plant advisor at Haskins Garden Centre in Ferndown, commented: “Gardening requires patience, especially when it comes to planting bulbs in the autumn ready for a display of bright colours in the spring.

“At Haskins, we have a vast selection of over 300 varieties of bulbs, including Daffodil, Tulip, Snowdrop and plenty more. We recommend using the lasagne bulb technique to ensure you get the most out of your planter.”

Here are some tips from Haskins on how to create colourful spring planters:


Yellow Daffodil & Blue Scilla Planter

  1. Purchase ‘Jetfire’ Daffodil to contrast against the blue ‘Scilla Siberica’ bulbs
  2. Choose a wide, shallow pot and cover the drainage holes in the pot to prevent the soil from leaking out
  3. Add a layer of bulb compost to the pot and arrange the Daffodils first. Daffodils should be planted pointy end up
  4. Cover the Daffodils with compost and plant a layer of Scilla evenly across the pot, producing a layered effect
  5. Finish off by adding more compost above the second layer of bulbs. Water the pot to allow the soil to settle


Haskins is due to hold a Bulb Festival throughout autumn, to help customers learn how to plant bulbs and achieve a blooming garden for spring. Staff will be available to help customers choose a colour scheme and create a riot of colour, no matter the size of garden.