Site Plan – Access

A - New single, all movements, point of entry from the A325

Access to the site is proposed via a new 3-arm roundabout from Forest Lodge.

The proposed roundabout is designed in line with the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB) CD116 to accommodate the necessary traffic demands of the proposed development and to accommodate the necessary circulation of all service vehicles.

A - Roundabout

The proposed roundabout will deliver the following benefits:

  • It will replace the current sub-standard Forest Lodge and Birdworld accesses. The existing Forest Lodge access will be removed and the existing Birdworld access will be closed to general traffic (although retained for emergency access);
  • It will reduce vehicle speeds on the A325, and it allows for free flow of ahead traffic on the A325 outside of Birdworld and Forest Lodge opening hours

B - Parking

The proposals will bring forward 848 parking spaces:

  • Including dedicated spaces for mobility-impaired users, families and car sharers. Parking spaces with electric vehicle charging points will also be provided.
  • Covered and secure cycle parking will be provided in line with the local standards. Shower and changing facilities will be provided for staff.

C - Connectivity

Footways and pedestrian crossings will be provided on all arms of the roundabout:

  • This will enable direct pedestrian access to both Forest Lodge and Birdworld, as well as a new footway on the eastern side of the A325 to provide a direct connection to Footpath and an onward walking connection to Alice Holt. The footways will provide a direct connection to Gravel Hill Road which provides onward pedestrian/cycle connections to Bentley railway station.
  • Improvements will also be made to the Gravel Hill Road bus stops on the A325, including direct footway connections to Forest Lodge and Birdworld, new bus shelters and the provision of real-time travel information.