Grow your own


Growing your own is easy, healthy and fun for the family

The best crops for autumn are those that are not only cold-tolerant, but also taste better when they mature in cooler weather. Those include: beets, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery/celeriac, collards, chicories, fennel, greens,kale, kohlrabi, leeks, lettuce, onions, parsnips, peas, radish, rutabaga, spinach, swiss chard, and turnips.


Top tips for growing Tomatoes

  • Planting in greenhouses and polytunnels offer optimum conditions and ensures a summer long harvest
  • Plant outside in any size garden providing they are in a warm and sheltered spot  and use a tomato cage for support
  • Tumbling varieties are great grown in hanging baskets
  • All varieties need fertile soil, and plenty of regular sun, heat, food and water to produce sweet, juicy fruits


Top tips for growing Carrots

  • Sow carrot seeds regularly for a year-round crop
  • All carrots require an open, sunny site and fertile well-drained soil. Use an organic veg compost to provide essential nutrients
  • Carrots are best grown in the open ground, but you can try short-rooted types in containers  or growbags
  • Keep weeds down between rows by hand weeding - if you allow weeds to grow they may end up crowding out the carrots


Top tips for growing Runner Beans

  • Use canes for plant support, the expanding Willow Trellis is both practical and decorative
  • Keep an eye out for slugs and blackfly that may attack the plants
  • Ensure the soil is constantly moist and doesn’t dry out
  • Pick regularly to prevent any pods reaching maturity; once this happens plants will stop flowering and no more pods will be set


Top tips for growing Lettuce

  • Mix varieties for an assortment of different coloured leaves and tastes
  • Choose a sunny spot, and when planting mix with a well-rotted garden compost to add nutrients
  • For a continuous supply, sow a few seeds every four weeks
  • Lettuce is easy to grow in containers and window boxes - simply fill it with a mix of potting compost and John Innes and sow seeds