Sow this January


Lobelia Crystal Palace


  • Deep blue flowers complimented by dark, almost metallic foliage
  • Long-lasting flowers
  • A popular choice for edging beds and borders.


Did you know...

Traditionalists love it interplanted with white alyssum.

Lobelia Long Flowering Mix


  • Early and long flowering
  • Fast flowering but with enough vigour to keep until the first frosts
  • Essential ingredient of all summer baskets and patio tubs.


Did you know...

It is easier to transplant small clumps of lobelia seedlings than to try and transplant single seedlings.


Pepper (Chilli) Chenzo


  • Chenzo is a really attractive medium hot chilli plant
  • Produces high number of chillis on a dome shaped plant
  • Use to spice up a number of dishes.


Did you know...

Chenzo has excellent cold tolerance allowing it to fruit longer than other varieties.


Pepper (Sweet) Star Mix F1


  • Superb combination of red, yellow, orange and green peppers
  • Easy to grow compact plants
  • High disease resistance.


Did you know...

Ideal for summer salads, stir fries or roasted vegetables.