Sow this June


Sweet William Early Summer Scented


  • It is a wonderful plant for containers, edging, mass plantings, borders, and meadows
  • Rich and varied colour combination
  • Why not sow a row in the vegetable garden just for cutting?


Did you know...

Great for fragrant cutflowers in late spring and early summer.


Sweet William Kaleidoscope Mix


  • Wonderful scented, beautiful blooms
  • Bi-colour and tri-colour petals
  • Ideal for creating stunning  displays in flowers beds and containers


Did you know...

Seeds sown in Jan-Feb will flower the same year. Those sown during the summer will bloom the following summer.


Lettuce Cos Little Gem


  • Sweet and crunchy
  • Can be eaten minutes after picking
  • Lettuces are easy to grow in the smallest of gardens or even in pots on a balcony or patio


Did you know...

This variety is resistant to root aphid.


Lettuce Baby Leaf Mix


  • Fantastic blend of lettuce leaves
  • Highly disease resistant variety
  • Produces a great crop throughout the summer and early autumn


Did you know...

Ideal for growing on the patio or where space is limited.