Sow this March


Sunflower American Giant F1


  • This sunflower can only be described as huge!
  • American Giant is a giant among giants, growing up to 5m
  • Great in borders, used for hedging and definitely the one to grow to win competitions


Did you know...

It has a strong sturdy stem which means it requires no support and easy to grow.


Sunflower Giant


  • Nothing beats the simple beauty of a tall sunflower
  • Flowers up to 4m or more
  • Loved by adults and children.


Did you know...

In Autumn, the attractive seed heads are great for providing wild birds with a treat..



Beetroot Boltardy


  • Unwin’s most popular beetroot!
  • Can be sown early in the year right through to mid summer
  • Yields perfect, globe shaped beets of superb flavour and colour.


Did you know...

Its flesh is usually free of unsightly rings.



Beetroot Cardeal


  • Cardeal has been specifically bred for producing baby beetroot
  • Excellent globe shape with a refined tap root and has very healthy erect foliage with partial resistance to downy mildew
  • Quick to crop producing high yields.


Did you know...

This variety is extremely sweet with the highest sugar content of any beetroot.