Sow this May


Poppy Californian Superb Mix


  • Just about the easiest and quickest of flowers
  • Californian poppies do well even in the poorest of soils
  • Bright colours make them ideal gap fillers for borders


Did you know...

Always sow Californian poppies direct in their flowering positions, as their long tap roots mean they do not transport well.


Poppy Shirley Double Mix


  • Lovely mix of soft and strong colours
  • Shirley poppies look marvellous in cottage gardens
  • Double and semi-double blooms


Did you know...

Shirley Double poppies were developed by a 19th century cleric from the wild poppy and named after his village.


Courgette Zucchini F1


  • Early cropping variety
  • Expect a heavy crop of dark skinned courgettes
  • The delicious summer vegetable has a wide range of uses


Did you know...

The flowers are also edible.


Courgette Tristar F1


  • Light green, dark green and yellow courgettes
  • Delicious stir fried or steamed
  • Heavy cropping


Did you know...

Any that become too big to be used as courgettes can be left to grow into marrows.